Supplier Of Industrial & Specialty Chemicals

Excel Chemical Trading Sdn Bhd started in 1992 as a sole proprietor company and was incorporated as a private limited company in 1996

Core Business

Our core business is importation of industrial chemicals and distributions to wide range of industries. We supply our product in the most competitive priced directly from our manufacturers and principals worldwide.

Good Network & Contacts

Our good networks and contacts worldwide could ensure a reliable and resourceful service to the local industries. Our wide presence in the market and chemical knowledge expertise had always been an asset to our customers as they believed that they are able to depend on us to source for them specialty chemicals which they need at a competitive price.

Warehouse Racking Facilities

With our current large ‘in-house’ warehousing racking facilities and the availability of our fleet of company lorries, we are capable to deliver quality products to our local customers on time, thus providing them prompt services.

Computerised Logistics Department

Our logistic department is fully computerized and thus, it would be more efficient in coordinating with our daily deliveries and shipments to our customers.

Customer Requirements

Excel Chemical prides itself in being able to meet all the purchasing needs of the customers.

Fully Equipped Lab

Our labs are professionally equipped with cutting-edge equipment and facilities. Thus, this ensures world class quality control and quality assurance.

Cold Room

Our cold room is designated for safe storage of food products at low temperatures. This ensures high-grade food safety and preserves freshness of our products.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

With proper storage equipment, we take pride in supplying a wide range of food chemicals with the upmost quality.

Our Belief

With a strong belief in meeting customer’s requirement, Excel Chemical also provides technical services in product formulation works, if it is required. Our sales personnel are technically inclined and thus are able to educate our customers and ensuring that new developments and chemical products are pushed through into the market place.

I strongly believed in VISION. Without any vision is just like moving in a dark room without any lights. I can’t do it alone. We need team effort from employees, financiers, suppliers & our honourable customers to make this happen.

Mr Y.S.LEEFounder & Managing Director

ISO 9001:2015 accredited company

As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, Excel Chemical works hard to ensure that our company internal operations support our objectives to achieve high levels of customer service. We understand that our customer needs and expectations change and only by continually reviewing our process for improvement can we always remain ahead of our competitors.

Supplier of Industrial & Specialty Chemicals

Founder & Managing Director


Founder & Managing Director


He oversees the firm’s total business operation which includes sales, marketing, business development & procurement.